Consider for one moment the magnitude of what’s going on here. We’ve chosen 50 drummers who have had the most profound influence on the art form. Does this mean they were the greatest? Well, kind of, although the word “great” seems to imply that the following is a list of the best technicians who ever lived.

You see, we didn’t pick these guys because they played the fastest single-stroke rolls or the most limb-twisting poly rhythms in history (though some of them have). No. We tried to compile the drummers who had the biggest impact on ... well ... you — whether you know it or not. So while some made the final cut due to their radical techniques, others were included because they spearheaded a sound or a style that had never been tried before, and in the process, changed the direction of drumming. Forever.

Buddy Miles made musical history in the late 60's when he recorded the album "Band Of Gypsy's", live at the Fillmore West, in San Francisco, California with Jimi Hendrix, who made his legacy from his performance at Woodstock, in New York during that same era. "Band Of Gypsy's", released on the Capitol label was one of the hugest "hits" in 1969-70 and on the other side of the coin was a hit theme called "Hawaii Five-0" which was adopted by Las Vegas Disc Jockey John Dote' from the album "Hooked On Themes", on the Penthouse Records label.

But this story has an ever more gripping cover to it. The world was overcome by the shock waves at the news that Jimi Hendrix had died of an overdose. It became headlines internationally. The man, Hendix, who created musical illussions that were distorted and set his guitar ablaze ("Fire"), was no longer in the life and times of Buddy Miles. During this period, Las Vegas Disc Jockey John Dote' was in high school hosting parties at his parents mansion in San Carlos, cranking to the sounds of Jimi Hendrix and Buddy Miles never knowing that one day he would be rubbing shoulder's with the man.

But Paul McCartney was once quoted as saying that Jimi Hendrix was just a "fad" for a year, but was proved different.One can only imagine what it was like to rise to the top only to lose his freind, Jimi Hendrix and to watch all of the hard work and success come crashing down. But Miles' career wouldn't end there. He later went on to join Carlos Santana for the Columbia recording of Santana's Hawaii Tour, recorded "live".

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